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Customer Service

1 What is the technology on which DEPA V9 is based? How is a basic test conducted?

The core technology behind DEPA V9 is based on the American Society of Testing and Materials (ASTM D and ASTM E) approved Non Destructive Testing (NDT) specification called the Impulse Excitation Technique (IET). IET has found wide acceptance in industry and research due to its extreme accuracy, cost effectiveness and high result repeatability.

The simplicity of properties testing with the DEPA V9 software is its biggest strength. The test sample is  supported appropriately based on the shape, placed over a sonic sensor and excited with a small tap. The sound emanated by the sample is then broken down by the DEPA software into its component frequencies. The fundamental frequency (F) intrinsic to the material and the damping curve is then analyzed along with the dimensions and mass to accurately reveal the material's characteristics.

The testing method can used to grade material properties for bulk inspection or for smaller stand-alone data sets.

2 Where can I learn about Jagdish Electronics (JE)?

Please visit the About Us section of our website.

3 What materials can be tested with DEPA V9?

DEPA V9 can measure and grade material properties of virtually any solid homogeneous or non homogeneous material that emanates a noise when excited. Its this versatility in the range of materials that can be tested that makes DEPA V9 a powerful tool to meet your testing requirements.

Numerous applications in industry that currently use DEPA V9 include:

  1. Abrasives and Industrial Ceramics
    • Abrasive Grinding Wheels
    • High Finish Polishing Stones
    • Ceramic Tiles
    • Thermal ceramics applications
  2. Metal and Metal Alloys
    • Aluminum (Aluminium) Alloys
    • Copper and copper alloys such as Brass and Bronze
    • Nickel
    • Steel Alloys – mild steel, stainless steel, cast iron
  3. Cement, Concrete and Structural Materials
  4. Silica and Silicone Composites
  5. Graphite
  6. Plastics and Polymers
  7. Refractory linings and high temperature materials for Refractories
  8. Rubber and Rubber Composites
  9. Space Age Materials
    • Titanium and Titanium Alloys
    • Carbon and high strength Carbon Composites
    • Industrial Diamond
    • Powder Metals
  10. Wood
4 What is JE DEPA V9?
Dynamic Elastic Properties Analyzer (DEPA) Version 9 (V9) is a highly advanced proprietary Non Destructive Testing (NDT) software solution. DEPA V9 is capable of accurately (1/10000th of a %) analyzing a wide array of materials that show a large range of variance in physical properties. The technology behind DEPA V9 is based on the analysis of the fundamental frequency of vibration, intrinsic to any solid body at the atomic level. With the test being low impact and non destructive, our customers also benefit with significant cost savings.

DEPA V9 accurately measures:

  • Young's Modulus (YM)
  • Shear Modulus (SM)
  • Poisson's Ratio (R)
  • Density
  • Fundamental Frequency (F)
  • Imprint of complete Frequency Signature
  • Sound Velocity within Material (both planes)
  • Damping Coefficient and complete Signal Damping Signature
  • Impact test Analysis
  • Temperature Variant Analysis
  • Mathematical Statistics
5 What is new in DEPA V9?

With DEPA V9, Jagdish Electronics introduces both the latest version of the DEPA software as well as a completely revitalized JE Brand. With a brand new user interface and a powerful set of new features V9 revolutionizes non destructive testing for both Science and Industry.

Some of the most prominent product features include:

  • Online Item Database with Calibrated testing capabilities.
  • Automated sorting features based on user set limits (with relay ready outputs).
  • Dynamic online status indicators for hardware and software.
  • Single test, Calibrated Test and Bulk testing modes.
  • Modular software design – you only pay for those features you need and are enabled.
  • Intelligent Automation
  • A Solutions approach to Deployment – Three (3) Solutions with a customer usage model centric design.
  • E-commerce capable web interface and a new enhanced online support infrastructure.
6 What are DEPA V9 Software Solutions? Where can I get more information regarding which solution is right for me?

The DEPA V9 software, based on a user centric design, has three solution offerings.

  • Enterprise Solution
    High volume sales solution designed with modules commonly used by most Enterprises.
  • Research Solution
    Most advanced solution designed for Research establishments with specific high end modules enabled.

If unsure, we recommend the Enterprise Solution as it has all commonly used modules enabled. You can also download our online Solutions' Guide for more details.

If you have a more specific question, please Contact Us

7 Can I download a free trial version of the software? If so how?

Yes. Obtaining a free copy of DEPA V9 is as easy as 1 2 3

  • Sign up
  • Request a JE Sensor
  • Download, install and activate a free one month trial
8 How do I place an order for DEPA V9? Can I renew my DEPA V9 "Pay-As-You-Go" rental subscription online?
Coming Soon. Collapse
DEEPA V9 30 Day Download Download your DEPA V9 30 day Free Trial