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DEPA V9 Solutions

The most feature rich advanced solution meeting your highest end testing specs. Software upgraded with state of the art testing capabilities.
  • Poisson’s Ratio calculations
  • Impact Testing
  • Signal Damping Analysis
  • Temprature Variant Analysis
  • Integrated Grading Table
High end solution for Labs with all advanced features enabled
A feature appropriate solution optimized to meet all testing requirements for Enterprises and Small Business.
High volume sales solution optimized for Enterprises and Small Business 
  • All testing shapes standard
  • Item Database capability standard
  • Integrated Grading Table included
  • Customization upgrades available for all Research Solution features
Customized Solutions for Quality Management in Abrasive Industry
Abrasive Block QM Solution
Grinding Wheel QM Solution
A customized solution with basic features enabled for Product Quality Management.

  • Cuboid shapes standard
  • Item Database capability standard
  • Disc and Cylinder shape upgradeable
  • Integrated Grading Table supported
  • G# readout module upgradeable
Low Cost Price/Performance solution with basic testing features enabled